Working together to bring construction to life.
About Us
Beautiful designs, passionate workforce, remarkeable results
Beautiful designs, passionate workforce, Remarkeable Results.
Craig Buchanan Joinery & Co with CMN Property Services are a consortium of tradesmen and construction specialists who have merged their skills in order to establish a highly competent team in all areas of the trade profession. Thus, allowing the group to maintain the high standard of workmanship the paying customer deserves to expect.
Our team pride themselves in their diverse portfolio, including projects in the residential, insurance and commercial sectors. We believe that building strong client relationships is incredibly important and we work closely with our clients to engender complete trust.  We see diversity as our strength, and this has ensured that we've been a team of choice for a number of years. Our workforce has a great wealth of experience and know that, despite the complexity of the construction process, there should be no mystery to the client.  We aim to make our process as clear and easy to understand as possible and insure our quality is always our priority."